– Turn on the Work Station computers at both Lab Staff desks.

– Enter the User Name and Password

– Click on the Safari Icon (Blue Compass) to bring up the Announcements.

– From the Announcements Page, Click on Check-In.

-Open a new tab with Command + T and open the checkin list.

-You can open additional tabs for the Email Instructor Form and for the        ANNOUNCEMENTS too, so that you can toggle easily back and forth between pages.

– Click the REMOTE DESKTOP Icon (the binoculars) on the bottom
toolbar at the workstation computers to bring up the Remote Desktop Control

-Wake up the testing computers, or if they have not come on automatically, you may have to turn each computer on.

(The computers are set to come on automatically. If the computers are
already on, then you’ll need to wake them up by physically tapping on
any key or by clicking each mouse. After you wake up all 30 computers,
you’ll have about 5 minutes until they fall back asleep.)

-Check to see that all testing computers are set at the HOME SCREEN
(MOODLE Login Page).

On the REMOTE DESKTOP Control Screen, you should see the word “Safari”
under the “Status” Column and “Student” under the “User” Column.

If you see “Finder” or “Login Window” in the “Status” Column, then
follow the directions on the next page for how to get to the HOME SCREEN.

– LOCK the testing station computers
(You will have about 5 minutes to do this before the computers go to sleep.):

o Wait until all the computers are available (under “Status” it will say “Available” when a computer is available),.

o Select all the computers. by holding down the shift key. (First, click on Computer #1, then hold down the shift key and click on Computer #41.)

o Click on the LOCK Icon on the top menu bar and lock all computers.


-Make sure there is no one still testing.
It’s best to actually LOOK, to be sure.

-Shut Down the 41 testing Computers:

o UNLOCK all the computers using a Work Station computer:

-Select all the computers, by holding down the shift key. (First, click on Computer #1, then hold down the shift key and click on Computer #41.)

– Click on the UNLOCK Icon on the top menu bar and unlock all computers.

o Go to MANAGE (from the drop down Menu Bar at the top) select Shut Down from the menu. Then in the Dialogue Box, click on “Shut down immediately” and Choose “Shut Down”

-Shut down the Work Station computers at BOTH Lab Aide desks.

o Click on the Apple in the Toolbar–Top Left corner.

o Select LOGOUT from the Menu.

o Choose “Shut Down” from the dialogue box when it prompts you.

o Choose “Shut Down” again on the Mac OS X dialogue box.