Here’s what to do in case of FIRE DRILL or EMERGENCY*:

1) Lock all computer stations, using the remote desktop. Make sure all students clear out of the Computer Testing Room, using the door in the Written Testing Room, unless it is blocked. There is another Exit door out of the Computer Testing Room which can be used in an Emergency, if necessary.

2) Lock the file cabinet.
(Make sure drawers are closed and push the silver button in at the top right.)

3) Tell students to leave their exams on their desks, GRAB THE KEYS and go stand by the door as students exit, making sure they haven’t carried out their exams with them.


5) Follow students out the door and if possible, have them wait with you in a group a safe distance from the building until we are told it’s safe to re-enter the building. This would enable us to verify that students were not able to look up test anwers while they wait.

6) Upon re-entering the Testing Lab, re-check students’ ID’s, if necessary, and have them continue testing.

7) IF there are 2 staff people in the lab, then I suggest that the person in the Computer Testing Room lock the computers and usher those students out, while the staff person in the Written Testing Room announces to students to leave their tests at their stations, locks the file cabinet and grabs the keys.

*NOTE: If there is apparent immanent danger, then, obviously, the main priority is to get yourself and all other students out of the building as quickly as possible!!!